Jet Setter

Dublin quartet Jet Setter trades in tightly wound, spring-loaded guitar rock that goes heavy on the melody and the melancholy without losing its brisk forward momentum. Channeling influences like The Replacements, The Clean and The Stooges, Dublin quartet ‘Jet Setter’ are fast making a name for their fuzzy, straight-to-the-point, Indie-Rock.Formed during a late-night party in the Dublin’s R.A.G.E record shop over fresh icy drinks and Joe Tex – “Ain’t Gonna Bump No More” the result is original, refreshing and powerful.

With Paddy Ormond on lead guitar, Neil Dexter on drums, Jeffrey Courtney on bass and Ross Hamer providing snapshot vocals, Jet Setter will release the limited edition vinyl double single on the 13th of June via Any Other City (Villagers/Girl Band).

Debut single ‘Not Yet” is a quick-out-of-the-blocks Pop/Rock song, with a reflective but bitter lyric about the past, present and future. The combination of pathos, hot valve amps and an ascetic rhythm section skids to an out-of-breath halt just two and a half minutes later.